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Hangzhou long transport guests to visit the company


In October 13th, Hangzhou long transport group company deputy general manager Ma Wenying a dozen people came to the China CNHTC Hangzhou engine sales limited company to visit exchanges, visiting guests including leading long transport technology department, group locomotive department, logistics department and other departments. In the morning, accompanied by the general manager of Ding Guichun to visit the company's casting line, MC production line, etc.. During a visit to the scene, long transport group deputy general manager Ma and other guests to hang the company advanced production equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology greatly, have a profound understanding of China's Manchester technology of engine quality.
Subsequently, the chairman Wang Gensheng and deputy general manager Ma came to a company meeting room in Hangzhou conducted in-depth discussion, Wang Dong Xiangchang transport company guests a warm welcome, focuses on the course of cooperation between China sinotruk and Mann German company and Manchester technology of engine product advantages, is looking forward to have some cooperation in the future China heavy truck engine and Hangzhou long transport capacity. Ma, deputy general manager also introduced the company's current business situation, the door of the house with such a good quality of the engine is full of comfort.

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