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The international shipping network: Chinese heavy truck engines on the international maritime China man Technology Exhibition


China Zhongqi Hangzhou Motor Sales Co. Ltd and Manchester technology platform and Steyr platform products in Shanghai held recently in the eighteenth session of the international maritime convention. The exhibition showcased Chinese heavy truck MC11 and D12 marine engine and generator WD415. One of the German man technology MC11 has been widely concerned, many mainstream shipyard owners and design companies came to the booth to consult and understand the engine of the relevant information.
        During the exhibition, Chinese Zhongqi Hangzhou Motor Sales Co. company sent technical personnel to customers, sales system, a comprehensive introduction to the technical characteristics and advantages of the products. MC11 has been widely concerned, mainly using the German company D20 series engine product technology, production process, manufacturing equipment and quality standards, and Germany synchronous production, meet the road IV- country V, non road III emissions requirements, its power, economy, reliability, durability, noise and other indicators have reached the international advanced level.


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